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Česky English Internationally certified KENNEL, Reg. no: 843/14  Intro Laura - Gaily Bohemia Avalanche Date of birth:   8th january 2014 HD (2/1) Height:   64 cm Weight:  48 kg Gaily´s  gallery Date of birth:   30th October 2014 HD (0/0)  ED (0/0) Height:   62 cm Weight:  48 kg Amanda´s  gallery Amanda Riganonna Airin´s  gallery Date of birth:   7th january 2013 HD (1/1) Height:   63 cm Weight:  53 kg Airin Chanelito Tesoro Our females ©Riganonna 2014 - 2020 Airin´s  pedigree Gaily´s  pedigree Amanda´s  pedigree